MYDCraft has shifted into a brand new and exciting new Sky Block mode for a better and more enjoyable experience for our community and newcomers to MYD, with this new game-mode coming to our server we make focus towards prolonging the game experience of general Minecraft but within Sky Block. We aim to bring you interesting experiences, exciting new plugins, PVP, Challenges and lots more! Within MYD we have a supportive and reachable staff team to contact regarding any issue within, on or about the server so we make sure you get the best possible experience out of it, so feel free to send us a message anytime; we are always willing to help. Within a dedicated staff team there are certain requirements for us to call us 'Dedicated' therefore we have ticked all the boxes such as; International staff team, range of roles, experience, constant improvement/feedback and so much more! We cover all of this making sure you have a great time with us.


Within Minecraft we do not keep it old and same, we like to freshen ourselves up every now and then by introducing new and vast challenges and other quests that keep objectives and you on your toes!


We hope to see you within the new world of MYDCraft which is Sky Block, feel free to drop in and say hello to the staff, veteran members or just to have a general chit chat within our community!


Many Thanks,

MYD Staff Team