MYDCraft has yet again shifted into a new series which includes Minecraft 1.15.2, now focusing on the game mode and gameplay that made us who we are today! We have reached out to the community and evaluated our performance across our series. And come to the conclusion; the community and statistics show that you want a more vanilla type of gameplay but with exciting features, interesting objectives, smooth gameplay and general ease of access. Yet again we always look into prolonging and adding to your gameplay within MYD, which is what separates us from other communities.

Our staff team has improved also! With new and fresh faces around always giving us a fresh set of eyes and goals within the staff team; which we then improve upon. Of course keeping the same values that we make sure we maintain such as dedicated staff members, international support, ease of use, range of roles and much more. Which all tick the boxes of a dedicated staff team to support our community.

Within Minecraft we do not keep it old and same, we like to freshen ourselves up every now and then by introducing new and vast challenges and other quests that keep objectives and you on your toes!

With this new world within MYDCraft we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. If you want you can always pop in and have a chat with the community, old faces that have re-joined us or even the staff team!


Many Thanks,

MYD Staff Team